Monday, April 20, 2009

February in Copenhagen (because there is no April in Paris)

Every year, I go in hiding between end of January through April. This year was no exception. Pretty much, my life was... summarized..... work, work, Superbowl Sale, work, Copenhagen, Illums Bolighus, work, work, work, work, work.

All during January, I stalked My Partner-in-Crime... because I was after one specific jacket by Loro Piana... that I needed to get this on Superbowl sale day with deep deep discount. I needed this jacket because I was going to Copenhagen in the middle of freezing February - hence the Partner-in-Crime and I named this jacket, my "Copenhagen jacket". At the end of the day.... I love the jacket and enjoyed every freezing day in Copenhagen (so, so, off-season, I got to live like the locals.. eating Japanese food everyday). Although Copenhagen is not Paris - it has Illum Bolighus. I pretty much lived in the store - surrounded by practical, functional art objects.

While I was in Illum heaven, Loquacious was in tall-Danish-women-heaven. Everywhere you turn, you see slim, tall, beautiful Danish women - riding on her street bikes, in the freezing weather, skirts, tights, and tall boots. He loved this very small pharmacy he went in (well, technically this is in Malmo, Sweden) - has been around since 1571 - even before Pocahontas met John Smith in our New World.

My daughter loved Kronborg in Helsingor. It was love at first sight... with Holger Danske.

And we all loved.... Sushi in Copenhagen.

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