Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trunk Show Updates - Temple and Hester

My friends know - that on top of Hermes bags, Hermes scarves, and Lanvin.. I am addicted to Temple St Clair Jewelry. Everything she makes is stunningly beautiful. After I started to collect her pieces, I learned why. Temple loves Italian Rennaissance art - She loves Byzantine art - a lot of her Jewelry collections are inspired by the art-period I love.

So it was quite a day in early May - when Temple came to Seattle - and I got to spend hours trying her new collections.... Such a happy place filled with beautiful gems - oh the beautiful acquamarine, red spineli, deep blue tanzanite, mesmerizingly firing opal...... they are addictive - yes, they are my own drugs (or using my daughter's favorite line .... "my personal brand of heroin" ). I ended up taking another mortgage to buy a yet-another necklace... whey do I buy more - when I have only one short stubby neck... I don't know....

After feeling guilty spending $$ in recession.... I decided to stay away from my "drug" boutique. I really did - but when I decided to bring in some chocolates for my Parter-in-Crime to cheer her up... I stumbled into Hester's trunk show. Hester is actually two-person designer. 1/2 of Hester is Tasha Green - from our area (Bainbridge Island, to be exact....) and used to be an editor at Men's Vogue (which was the Loquacious' favorite magazine until it folded....). Like I said, I really did not mean to spend $$ - but again, I could not resist supporting a new designer from "grunge" Seattle - and of course, their shift dress was simple, beautiful, practical - and very affordable!!

So now I have no $$ in my account - I have to sell my MacBook Air...... because.......

Friday, May 22, 2009

Facebook and Twitter

What do I have in common - with Nicolas Sarkozy, Silvio Berlusconi and Papa Raz - and millions of others? - Facebook.

I rarely write anything - but I have enough friends who keep me entertained everyday with updates and photos. I thought e-mail system has simplified and sterilized our lives - along with annual update letter (with desktop publishing software...). Now you don't even have to send anything to anybody in specific - just spill it out on Facebook and all your friends are "updated".

I am supposedly a "supporter" of Sarkozy and Berlusconi - and for just in case my friends wonder if I had a lobotomy - I will clarify here - that I am a fan of their wive's/women's fashion and I just like to see their women's on photos and videos. I hear that Sarkozy is upset that Berlusconi has more "supporters" on Facebook.

I also a fan of Papa Raz - just to check if he is still wearing Prada Sports shoes - or decided to upgrade to Bontoni.

Now I have decided to peak into the world of Twitters. I don't even know how to "update" myself - I just "follow" people. I can see my "friends" on my iPhone and read their updates. My very notable "friend" on Twitter is Karl Langerfeld (aka God, according to my Daughter). I hear that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a tweeter also.
I am constantly reminded these days - that I am surrounded by people who never used typewriters (let alone manual typewriters) - or used dial telephone.... I thought sending telex was cool back in the early 80's..... It certainly is more difficult to keep up with technologies - as you near AARP age....