Wednesday, April 29, 2009

and then Zang and Dilly came to Seattle...

Then... Zang and Dilly came to visit Seattle. Since the last time I saw Zang, he became a bit more "known" in the media world - thanks to his appearance on Real Housewives of NYC.

As always, it was a fun visit. Later, I heard other non-suspecting users inside "the facility" was shocked to see a man wearing "skirt" and tights... standing in front of.... you know what...... (well, I don't since I don't use it...)

And, I ended up asking him to make me his kilt (=the skirt mentioned above) - just like the one he always wears (and bikes...) and just like the one he gave to Lance Armstrong after last year's fund-raising (yes, Zang again raised the most amount!)

That day was "double-feature" trunk show - next to flamboyant Zang was elegant Dilly (Elizabeth Blair) with her beautiful, beautiful collection of Pearls... If Robert Wang is the King of Tanitia Pearls - she is La Rein. My daughter had the best time with Dilly - asking about pearls, etc. My daughter was very engaged - engaged enough I could sneak out to get myself a strand of beautiful pistacio pearl necklace - withoug her demanding a set for her!

Day like this makes 3+ month of life in dungeon tolerable.

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