Thursday, January 22, 2009

Almost reaching AARP

New Year=Older me = almost AARP. I just learned that Michelle Obama is about a month younger than I am. It's very irrelevant but because I am older - I think I can dish her style.

I know it's boring but.. she flopped on 1/20/09.... i.e. that Fluffy Dress. Why did she choose this fluffy silhouette.... instead of sleek, simple elegance - say like Carla Bruni in Dior?

I know Michelle has to wear American designer - remember... Hillary and Laura both solicited Oscar de la Renta (and he probably would not have lost the White House account if it were Mrs. McCain=First Lady....). So for Michelle to wear Toledo, and Wu - that's already 200% improvement - at least she is out of the box - and a bit more respectable than J Crew. And I always loved Toledo and Rachel Roy - especially at 75% off at the Bergdorf.

But then.... French Elysee Palace has unfair advantages over La Maison Blanc.... Carla can wear Dior and Hermes and Lacroix and Chanel - and of course, The Divine Lanvin. Compared to that... what do we have here? Wu, 2 Wangs, Lim, Toi... besides the obvious "pedestrian" Kors, Klein, Lauren (aka Ralph Lipschitz) and Karan. Even though Hollywood/Richard Gere made him famous, Armani is Italian.

One thing in common though..... both Carla and Michelle have to protect their treasurers from their hubby's cigars/smokes!

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