Friday, September 5, 2008

I told you....

I told you..... Naughty Monkey Shoes.... Sorry but they cannot be associated with our country's executive offices. Imagine these shoes, next to... say Carla Bruni's Hermes boots?! From now on, I am calling her, "Hooker Mom" with $80 shoes!

The black jacket she was wearing on the last day of the convention - after McCain's speech.... it had huge, hideous shoulder pads that went up and down as she moved her arms - bunching fabric all over! Ill-fitted, to say the least!

As my Partner-in-Crime says... "what's up with that hair!?!!? a la Big Love?!??!?!!"

This election will be .. Potter-Dumbledore vs Fudge-Umbridge - Isn't it clear which is the Good??!!