Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lazy Summer....

I have been very busy hording on 60+% off Lanvin goodies at Barneys - I forgot to write this blog thing!

The Vegas Shopper being on Summer break meaning nobody reminds me of blogspot - until my daughter's Moula Teacher started her blog!

Our Beloved Moula Teacher is on her way to China - to be exact - Hunan Province - the land of General Tso Chicken. She will be volunteering for a year teaching in China - though her original plan was to teach in Georgetown, Guyana. Good-bye Jim Jones , Hello Falung Gong! (wooops now my blog is banned and censored in China....)

I know she will have a great year in a whole new world!! I hope she will have time to go to Wulingyuan - pretend to be Confucius (which by the way - was introduced to the Western world by Matteo Ricci - way to go Jesuit!!!)

Which reminds me... Confucius says, "He who will not economize will have to agonize"

Tough words for the world of Fall-Winter fashion shopping season....

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