Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here I Come, Vegas Shopper!!

If my dear Friend The Vegas Shopper can blog, I thought... I should at least try! After all, I used to get long distance phone call from The infamous Vegas Shopper in panic, asking "how can I sync my Palm with my *!#@$%^ computer??!!"

So I try! I am telling myself - this is good.... My Loquacious Friend blogged his 3 week trip to Japan and that was a hoot. I am horrible when it comes to keeping in touch with friends - this will be a substitute to phone calls and Christmas "family letters"!

The only thing is.... I am an immigrant and I don't speak English (though I do not work at JC Penny in Vegas... should I?? me speak no English...). So here's my reader advisory note - I use idioms and "stuff" like salt and pepper - sprinkle "a"s and "the"s etc, etc, etc as I see palatable. Also the translation feature on this blogspot has English to Hindi and other exotic "Apu" languages but not my own so I get no help from Blogspot either.

So be kind and gentle to this Granola/Tree Hugging/Birkin-toting/Lanvin lover....

ps - The Vegas Shopper - should I try this look for this year's Halloween?

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