Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter... Caviar.... still shopping to me....

I have never had Easter with my daughter in town.  My daughter and the Loquacious usually visit his family in California (and yes, Northern CA.. not Southern CA).  I normally stay home with our doggies as this is my very busy work season.  This year, they decided to stay home.  So I learned, for the first time, what people do in this country for our spoiled kids this time of year.

I had NO idea why my daughter and Loquacious were so obsessed about making hard-boiled eggs, getting vinegar, etc and that had to get done by Saturday.  I thought... 'just making painted eggs, right? why not next weekend... I am very busy this weekend designing my home-theatre with my audio engineers ....'.  

While I was out, they made 10 or so colored eggs.  Then the Loquacious nudged me to see him in private.  When I saw his very serious face, I thought I was going to get an earful about my shopping addiction and how much I just spent.  He said, "now, listen, I have a bag full of gooddies hidden in your shoes room behind your tall boots.  After she goes to sleep, you have to hide all the eggs we made... and then filled the basket with those goodies and hide the basket also.  I also have plastic eggs filled with chocolate and you have to hide them also... roger!!??"

My reaction was.... "huh?"   Well,  I did not know that kids in the U.S. have this "easter bunny" (which has been referred as "He" so I guess it is a male bunny), who surprises kids on Easter Sunday.

Sure enough, around 8:00 pm, my daughter put this basket full of eggs in the middle of the living room.  Again, not knowing anything, I scolded my daughter for messing up the room - only this time, she had THE reason because she had to put it there for The Easter Bunny.  She proudly told me what this Bunny would do with the eggs she made and the empty basket.  She demanded that I stay free and clear from the entire floor because if I would be sitting there playing with my new MacBook Air, he would not come!

Around 11:00pm,  my sleep was abruptly interrupted by a call from Loquacious confirming that I do understand what I had to do. 

I know about the Easter - and may I say - I know THE proper way to observe the Easter - you check out the Vatican website, listen to the Pope's message and then go to the most important and sacred mass of the entire year.  Forget Christmas - everybody has birthday - after all, if he hasn't risen from the dead, he would have been just another unlucky dude who cross the Romans (woo that's spooky - huge gusty wind just blew outside and shook our cedar tree outside of the living room....).   It has nothing to do with yet another retail requirement to satisfy our kids.  

But all well, looking at my daughter in big surprised eyes, searching for eggs and basket this morning, and yes, she still really believes the Bunny and Santa are real.... I forgive our retailers.

I, on the other hand,  watched the Pope but skipped the Mass and - and enjoyed my Iranian Ostera caviar - as my egg goodies of the day.   Now I have to hunt for fresh foies gras...

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