Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blond-Ambition-Partner in Crime

I have the most fabulous Partner in Crime.  Diane Sawyer will be able to play a good double of my PIC (but no no not, Martha Stewart).  My Blond Ambition PIC and I are like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis - she is tall, blond and beautiful... et Moi = Asian version of Linda Blair in Exocist 1.... got it? short... chubby.... small eyes.....

We are Partners in Crime - because we have the same weakness - oh, beautiful clothes... fabulous bags.... etc etc.  If The Vegas Shopper tests West Coast Fashionista's true love for him by showing her the inside of his Storage-full of Start Wars "stuff", we test ours with vast, vast collections of designer clothes sitting in the back of our cars and way deep inside our closet..... and oh, yes a few still hanging in the office also. (On this, I know West Coast Fashionista is one of us though!)   She is my Shoppaholic Anonymous Buddy - she is my Mommy buddy - she is my "we are the product of girls' catholic school" buddy..... Ultimate Sister.

So as Blond Ambition Partner in Crime and I got together for lunch today (which is really rare because both of us work crazy hours at 100 MPH so we normally don't get to eat lunch).... we decided to walk inside our Nordstrom Flagship store here in town.... surrounded by "supposed-to-be" beautiful things... in calm serenity.

My expectation went high when I saw a tall young pretty model walking around wearing designer clothes with a plaque in her hand.... like they do at Saks in NYC - models walking around "advertising" in whatever the designer she has on.  I told to my Partner in Crime - "oh look!  Model in clothes with the designer name plaque walking around!! - just like at Saks!!"

Sadly though... it did not take 2 seconds to notice the name written on the plaque said.... "TORY BURCH".  My Partner in Crime knew what was coming..... nudging me "oh no, don't say anything... I know, Girl, don't say anything...."  I grew 50 more wrinkles on my face by just looking at that name!  I could embrace Saks model walking around wearing beautiful fur coat, with plaque reading "FUR SALON" - even if it was a day after being mildly forced to watch this video on how poor animals were trapped and killed and bloody-skinned and vowed NEVER buy a new fur.... (= wearing vintage fur where those animals were killed for some other person 50 years ago is ok!)  

After being quiet for the entire escalator ride from the Floor 1 to Floor 3... I had to say.... "Tory Burch!!!  Ugh!!" - still having convulsion... with sad realization.... High Fashion in NYC=designer fur.... Seattle=Tory Burch......

I am a fashion whore and I compromise all sorts of integrity and moral for fashion - but there is this very clear line I will not cross ... Thou Shalt not Wear Tory Burch!  

To me, her clothes encapsulate everything hideous about Southern California/Orange County - her clothes are made for those Desperate Housewife of Orange County.... with fake everything.  On top of that her clothes are Made in China.  I am ok with South America, Turkey, Eastern Europe... but China.... I have a problem.  They are sooo good at stealing intellectual property of everybody... I can't stand them!  AND, if you actually watch Lipstick Jungle, you know that fashion designs are not considered work of art nor intellectual property =  no protection!   Just a thought of one of those Chinese factories decides to copy my sacred Lanvin and mass-manufacture for Target at $29.99.....  oh I get frightened.  So I do not like any designer who patron Chinese manufacturing industries.  

If in doubt... read Deluxe by Dana Thomas.... you will be like me... NEVER go near Marc Jacobs and drink Moet et Chandon.

Now I have ranted and showed my true viciousness - Relax.... and welcome to the Pleasuredome......

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