Monday, March 24, 2008

As much as The Vegas Shopper cheers the Tar Heelees,  I cheer the Blue Devils.  Yes, it is sad to see that our Blue Devils are out of the March Madness so early this year... but hey, does Tar Heel hoop coach has his own website?  Everybody knows Coach K.... but who is the Tar Heel coach?  

For as long as I remember, Coach K has been the Duke Coach....  I think Carter was our President when he joined Duke...... I was a senior in high school.

When I was a senior in high school,  Coach K was not our regular conversation topic at school.  Even though our high school is the "real" State 4A Basketball champion (before Shadle Park "the nemesis" took our glory after a hearing-impaired referee gave points for this after-the-buzz-shot), none of our players were "Duke" material.

That, of course, changed with the Class of 1985.  This time, my lucky sister happened to be in the same class with our future Duke player, Quin Snyder.  And again, my lucky sister got to witness the first Championship trophy - the one we were supposed to get in 1981.

That was the beginning of my relationship with Coach K.  He recruited some very handsome players - like Christian Laettner.  Oh, his last-second shoot that brought '92 Duke championship was a sweet revenge after our bitter loss from more than a decade prior.  (Sadly, though... I have put him along with Andrew McCarthy... "not-aged-well" column....)

Last week, I received boxes of "stuff" from my parents - stuff, they claimed, are mine that are taking up their space.  I opened them - and they were old photo albums - oh so innocent moi growing up.  Then I found this big big binder that I did not recognize.  It was a binder-full of Quin Snyder and other high school basketball stats from 1984-85 that my sister collected.  Pre-Duke-fame-Quin and his buddies - no wrinkles, no love-handles.... certainly not 41 years old....

Hmmm.... The Vegas Shopper loves to collect anything... I wonder if I should send him this binder...  After all, I know that he is a "closet" Blue Devil....  Oh and what does this have to do fashion??   I must say our Blue is more slimming and "blue State" blue than Your "made for George Bush's Hermes tie" blue....

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